The Armchair Economist
Now fully revised
and updated for the 21st century.
For nearly 20 years, The Armchair Economist has been famous among economists as the book to give your mother when she wants to understand what you think about all day --- and famous worldwide for its clarity and its sparkling wit.
For this new revised edition (available May, 2012), Landsburg has completely rewritten several chapters to make them even clearer, livelier, and more contemporary, excising all references to cassette tapes, Polaroid film and Walter Mondale.
From Reviews of the First Edition:

An ingenious and highly original presentation of some central principles of economics for the proverbial Everyman. Its breezy tone conceals the subtlety of the analysis. Guaranteed to puncture some illusions and to make you think. --- Milton Friedman

The Armchair Economist is the most enjoyable and sensible book by an economist about economics that I've read in donkey's years. --- Alfred Malabre, Jr., the Wall Street Journal

Landsburg writes like an angel but thinks like an economist. He's an academic who puts his science to work. Depressed by the deficit? Stunned by the stock market? Demoralized by the drug war? No worries. Get the economics straight from Landsburg. --- Deirdre McCloskey

A crisp, lively, pungent display of the economist's art, full of "dumb" ideas that Landsburg shows to be stunningly true. Read it and rejoice --- for fun and fascination. --- George Gilder

A wonderful little book ... Landsburg presents fascinating concepts in a form easily accessible to noneconomists. --- Erik. M. Jensen, the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Enormous fun from its opening page ... Landsburg has done something extraordinary: He has expounded basic economic principles with wit and verve. --- Dan Seligman, Fortune